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Fiscontal The accounting as a source of resistance to the economic crisis SS Tap Arq Fisco

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Services: Legalization


With agility and security, due to our excellent team, we solve trials over:

          • Setting up a company;
          • Contractual Alteration;
          • Closing down;
          • Register and Cancellation of Announce;
          • Inscription of self-employed;
          • Inscription of Service Providers from Other Towns;
          • Inscription of Tax Substitute.

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Services: Register Management


Our team has a vast experience and ability in management of administrative trials, regularization of debits and emission of negative certificates. We help in the service of inspections and Audits.

          • Cancellation of not inscribed and inscribed debits in taxes collections;
          • Certificates of Fiscal Regularity: Federal, State and Municipal;
          • Judicial Certificates;
          • Labor Organs Certificate;
          • Certificate of the 10 registry offices of protest;
          • Register researches;
          • Spontaneous Denunciation in the public organs;
          • Payment by installments of not inscribed and inscribed debits in taxes collections;
          • Administrative Procedures.

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