Fiscontal The accounting as a source of resistance to the economic crisis SS Tap Arq Fisco

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GRUPO SEGETI arose more than forty years ago, through a visionary youth who acquired the accountancy office, Organização Contábil Fiscontal, where he worked as an accountancy assistance, by the time of its foundation.

Having acquired experience of accountancy advisory board, Edison Segeti realized that the clients demanded service of quality.

Having gained confidence from his clients, and based on his clear and serious form of working it was not difficult to initiate other activities in order to assist his 500 clients, among individuals and Legal.

Currently, GRUPO SEGETI is differentiated for the systemic vision of the installment of service.

"The communication, only in Portuguese, limits our clients’ opportunities of negotiating and even talking to potential foreign investors." Grazielle Segeti – Director of the International Communication Nucleus

"Our marketing consultancy has also the focus on the cost benefit of the investment, proposing aiming the result.”
Sabrina Medeiros – Director of the Strategic Planning Nucleus

"The legal/tax consultancy analyzes the accountancy and financial reality of the company before proposing any solution, owing to our concern about everything that may bring future problems to the clients."
Lawyer Patrícia Cristina – Director of the Legal Nucleus of the GS

“Our insurance agent sells solutions that actually protect our insured’s property. We analyze the risk and raise the documentation in order to be sure of the total success in the case of an eventual accident."
Maria Lucia – Director of the Nucleus of Business Insurances

"The management of documents is the only form of maintain the company’s memory in diverse areas, from some drafts of developed products to documents for inspection."
Sirley de Freitas – Director of the Documents Management Nucleus

"Not only can we talk about accounting in the fiscal aspect, but also as a tool for our clients manage their business"
Cezar Segeti – Director of the Accountancy Advisory Board Nucleus

"The tax planning cannot currently be seen isolating, we should value the influence in the image of the company, which consequence it will bring to the partners’ property individually, which cost benefit it will generate, finally, we cannot think about the fiscal without analyzing the whole."
Edison Segeti – President of the Group Segeti



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