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7 key tips to undertaking in Brazil.

Undertaking and innovating is not easy. It requires focus, discipline and dedication. It is in finding a purpose, dreaming big and looking for people who have passion to make an impact, but there are many challenges for the Brazilian entrepreneur.

1) Find a partner who complements you.
There are 3 fundamental activities in the entrepreneur's life: selling, delivering the product, taking care of finances. No human being in the world can do the 3 things very well. You need to find a partner that complements you.

2) Done is better than perfect.
Do not waste your time with long planning. Read books of methodologies for fast modeling as Lean Startup, Customer Development, Canvas, Canvas Lean, Value Proposition Design, Design Thinking.
Build prototypes and minimum viable products (MVP) that can help you validate the hypotheses.
Get out of the building, go to the streets, put your hands at work and repeat the process until the business begins to gain traction. If you have to change something, change it. If you must fail, fail fast and go ahead. If you do not make mistakes, it is because you are too slowly.

3) Tell your idea for two people: "God and the world!" Forget the myth that "someone will steal your idea."
The more you talk about your idea, the more you will be bombarded; the more you see the weak points, the more you will take the feedback to improve your product and business model.
Eventually you will be emulated by someone, but this will be a sign of success, because you will be a thousand feedback ahead of your business.
Practice your pitch, religiously, to have it on the tip of your tongue. Train in front of the mirror, with friends and family. Explain your business to your eight-year-old cousin, because if he understands, anyone will too. This will help you to take advantage of opportunities that might arise.

4) Did you validate your idea? Now, practice it!
Go to all events, meetings, conferences, fairs, add and be added by everyone in Linkedin, try to know the one who takes the decisions.
Your goal now is to obtain the maximum of customers and validate the operational model.
Your goal at this stage is to have a problem that every entrepreneur would like to have: "sell too much and not know how to deliver."

5) Are you looking for investors, accelerators and incubators?
The least important thing is the money.
When you are looking for an investor (angel, seed money, venture capital...), an accelerator or incubator, think if they will add mentoring, networking and synergy.
And above all, if you identify yourself with people who are sitting across the table, they will soon be sitting next to you.

6) Build an organizational culture!
You followed the checklist: identified a clear problem of a large market, created a differentiated value proposition from an innovative product, came up with a scalable business model, operating model working, customers being won and retained, processes continuously improving,  staff contracted  and developing...
The next step is to grow fast, but sustainable, protecting yourself from copycats, which will soon arrive.  And what is the secret for that?
Build a company based on values, hire better people than you and daily pursue a purpose and a big dream.
You will be copied on price, product positioning, business model, etc., but your organizational culture will never be copied!

7) Believe, believe, believe, persist and do not give up
You are undertaking in Brazil. I will not deceive you. During your way, you will meet challenges like: heavy tax burden, bureaucracy, poor access to credit, antiquated labor laws, unfair competition, infrastructure bottlenecks, lack of skilled professionals, little entrepreneurial education.
Despite this, there is no reason for pessimism, we have to believe in Brazil and dream of building a country of entrepreneurs, which are effective agents of changing in our society.

Source: Diário Catarinense
Text: Luis Vabo Jr., CEO of Sieve
Version: Grazielle Segeti



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