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Fiscontal The accounting as a source of resistance to the economic crisis SS Tap Arq Fisco

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Taxes that strangle the country


Our second especial multimedia brings a complete radiography of excess taxes and the distortions of the tax machine that became an obstacle to the capitalist development in Brazil.

Come on with us in a "tax insane asylum" which this tangle of laws and ordinances has become, over the decades;  determining how the businesses and citizens are compelled to bequeath, each year, for an effective and devouring tax machine collection, but far less efficient to give back to society with quality services.

By the means of videos, texts, photos and graphics, you can navigate by the troubled evolution of taxes in Brazil and know about the vision of the economists and businessmen about the distortions caused by the irrationality of the system. A burning issue, among the unsettling economic crisis and the threat of creation of new taxes to patch it up.

Brazilian testimonials residing in the various parts of the world and enjoy the public services scored for excellence evidenced by persisting in the country dissatisfaction with taxes, ten years after the creation of Impostômetro (a machine that measures the incidence of paid taxes in the country), at the initiative of the Commercial Association of São Paulo (ACSP, Associação Comercial de São Paulo).

Source: Diário do Comércio – writting office

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