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Series of reports shows bureaucratic maze in the country and points to solutions. This culture clutter people’s daily life in a range of sectors such as services, heritage, health, housing, entrepreneurship and credit.

When the engineer Luiz Alexandre Mucerino took the decision to change the company address, he could not imagine the cost and the troubles that he would face to solve problems related to services. For almost a year, his office manager, Tania Nogueira, was displaced from his duties and became a sort of "management of bureaucrats." It took months of phone calls, protocol and technical visits. The losses are accounted for EcoPlano, which is specialized in sustainable developments.

The challenges began even before the move, held in June 2010. With the building already empty, the company received three water bills in the amount of R$ 9,000.00. The complaint in Sabesp, according to Mucerino, was only possible after a series of telephone calls and sending lots of information. Technicians from the provider company Sabesp stated that there was an internal leak and therefore the responsibility was attributed to EcoPlano. The company employees, however, have never found the leak - even after breaking some walls and do external connections of water.

During the quarrel, the supply was cut off for nonpayment. Without a progress in the negotiations and about to change the team, Mucerino was forced to pay the value in 18 installments, which are not yet fully paid. "The slowdown in the service leads to so much trouble, which is sometimes cheaper to pay for what you did not do," says the engineer.

With the employees already installed, the problems had moved to the telecommunications department, with a long sequence of bureaucracies. Due to the constant failure in telephony, Tania came into contact with the Service Customer Service of Telefonica. She does not know how many hours she lost with these processes, but ensures that there were many.

"The system is horrible. You enter the legal data entity and others, after you have to wait for several minutes to get to talk to the clerk, who asks exactly what you just typed. At the end, he says it is not in that sector, and transfers to other person. And so it begins again", explains the manager.

Again, technicians took turns in the company, without solving the problem. Telefonica, according to Mucerino, claimed that the fault was on the boards of the phone system of EcoPlano. The equipment was replaced, but the problem persisted. A definitive solution came just one year after the change. "It's a monopoly, then either you accept the terms of the company or you are damned", says the engineer.

Between a call and a tour of outsourced employees, Tania still managed the flashing in broadband, which has come to leave the company without internet for almost two weeks. The contact was made again with Telefonica, which owns Ajato provider. The delay in the transfer of calls and the leading to ohters were repeated among the attendants. "Part of EcoPlano employees stayed home because there was no way of working," says the manager.

Mucerino says that he has all the processes documented and has already considered going to court against the service providers. He says he quit because of the bureaucracy and slowness that also strikes the judiciary in Brazil.

The mentioned companies were sought by the state. Sabesp said in a note that it was found a leaking in the basement of the building and that EcoPlano was advised at the time how to solve the problem. Telefonica said its call center seeks to direct the consumers to the most suitable department, but they will examine the "specific case" to take any pertinent action. The company also acknowledged that there were interruptions in broadband service and said that the customer will be credited to an account in future value, corresponding to the period of failure.

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