Fiscontal The accounting as a source of resistance to the economic crisis SS Tap Arq Fisco

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Services: Accountancy Advisory Board


Through the company Fiscontal, which has been in the marketing for more than 40 years, Grupo Segeti, with a skilled group of professionals, offers a differentiated accountancy advisory board able to lead to the best solutions.

In the fiscal area, not only do we take your tax liabilities and choose the most appropriate tax system but also deliver the obligations to the treasury. Analyzing and booking the fiscal documents in order to identify errors of filling, decreasing risks in possible inspections and audits.

          • Bookkeeping of fiscal documents of entrance, exit and service;
          • Verification and controlling of taxes: PIS, COFINS, Corporation Tax, CSLL, ICMS, ISS.
          • Bookkeeping, printing and recording of the fiscal books: Entrance, Exit, Verification of ICMS, IPI, ECF and Inventory;
          • Emission and recalculation of guides;
          • Retention and controlling of taxes in the contracting of service: CSRF, IRRF, INSS and ISS;
          • Compensation of Taxes inappropriately collected;
          • Filling and deliveries of the Municipal, State and Federal obligations:
          • Validation and sending of SINTEGRA;
          • Service during an Inspection and support in External Audit.



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