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Services: Insurances That Protect His Property


• Business – Offices, Clinics, Industries and Trading
  Protection for the company in case of fire, ray, blast, flooding, storm, electric mischief, operational accidents and robbery.

• Condominium and Residential
  Protection to your property in case of fires, ray, blast, electric mischief and robbery. Aid 24 hours for small electric and hydraulic repairs, and electrical appliances fixing.

• Cars, Fleets and Boats
  Whenever there is an accident, with partial or total loss (collision, fire and robbery) Rosa Borelli offers total support and handle the trial from the moment of the event to its end, hastening the liquidation and minimizing efforts.

• Monitored Alarms and Internal Circuit
  24-hour-monitoring by high tech offices. Internal circuit, walking the beat and support vehicles provide greater security to your protection. Rosa Borelli works with Porto Seguro, a company that beyond insurances, offers the best solution to your company or residence monitoring and protection.

• Movable Property and Equipment
  Insure your movable property such as notebooks, machineries, filming equipment and protect your investment.

• Works and risks of engineering
  This insurance protects your work in all the phases of the construction from the project to the end of the execution, including stuff and equipment.

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