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Services: Insurances That Protect You


• Health / Dental
  Even with our busy life, health should be priority of human beings, who should always seek the equilibrium between the physical and mental well-being. Rosa Borelli counts on the best health and dental operators, in order to provide tranquility to you, your family and your collaborators.

• Life / Personal Accidents
  Provide your family and collaborators with security and tranquility is Rosa Borelli’s mission, through insurances that protect you. Hires a life or personal accidents insurance and be under protection in case of death and total or partial infirmity.

• Pension Fund
  Do a good financial planning and as a result enjoy a better future for you and your family. Contact Rosa Borelli for orientation of the best pension fund for you.

• Professional and Civil Responsibility
  Have tranquility in the exercise of your profession. Hiring the professional and civil responsibility insurance you will guarantee, between other covers, the award from damages to others resulted by the practice of your work.

Insurance for:

 - Liberal Professional - Health, Dentistry, Engineering, Accounting, Law among others

 - Executive (Directors & Officers – D&O) – Directors and executives that might bear with their personal property in any trials.

To further information, access: www.rosaborelli.com.br 



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