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Fiscontal The accounting as a source of resistance to the economic crisis SS Tap Arq Fisco

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Services: Management of Files


Knowing what should be kept and how long it should be, is a challenge that companies face nowadays. Solving questions such as, what to do with so much information, how to select it, where to store it and mainly how to locate it, is the expertise of Arq Fisco, which has been on the market since 1994, therefore it has developed solutions in the management of files for companies from diverse segments for 14 years, always guaranteeing the quality and the agility in the management of documents.

Focused on the solution of files for companies, Arq Fisco establishes a diagnosis for identify the real need of the company, and which is the best strategy to be implanted.

Options in the implementation of the Management of Files

          • Classification by departments and/or trials that will be part of the works;
          • Definition of the responsible for each department and/or trial;
          • Digitalization of documents;
          • Development of computerized controls;
          • Management of file;
          • Storage of the internal and/or external physical file;
          • Storage of the active and/or inactive physical file;
          • Guard of electronic files



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