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Services: Strategic Human Resources


Managing persons and competences represents a question of competitive intelligence for the companies. The persons are responsible by the success of the business strategies. It develops and retain talents focused on the strategic planning of the company is the key for the success.

 •Plan of career and offices and salaries
Grupo Segeti aims to establish actions about plans of career and offices and salaries that are entirely linked to the growth of the company, through its objectives and goals, based on the best practices of market.

   • Preliminary studies with regard to the politics to be developed;
   • Formulation of politics and guidelines of the company;
   • Even out the offices and salaries to the organizational strategies;
   • Definition of objectives and goals by offices;
   • Description and analysis of existing charges;
   • Structuring of the offices;
   • Wage research of the economic sector;
   • Elaboration of the manual of offices and salaries

 •Management by Competences
Having the business strategies evened up with the personal strategies guarantees sustainable competitive advantage. Develop and even your team’s competences up to the needs of your company, focusing on the satisfaction and commitment, increasing of productivity and strategies.

   • Analysis or definition of the necessary competences for the activity
   • Mapping of the individual competences
   • Combining with the required competences by the offices
   • Study of the organizational objectives and goals
   • Development of the plan of individual competences evened up to the strategies of the organization.

 •Training and Development
Meeting the needs of training of your company allied to the strategic plan, drawing of the plan and programming and application of actions in order to motivate the trainees, application and evaluation of the knowledge.

 •Performance Evaluation
Performance evaluation is an important tool in order to value the performance of the collaborator regarding to the activities performed. Efficient to identify opportunities of training and development and new strategies concerned to talents retention.

 •Research of Organizational Environment
It is an instrument for measure the satisfaction of the collaborators in the aspects of the environment of work. Grupo Segeti works through meeting of sensitivity and workshops for conquer the team with the trial, aiming at gain the higher number of answerers and rightness in the presented points.

 •Individual or Team Coaching
Trial that is going to develop the competences and individual or teams abilities, in order to use better their potential in the conquest of the results of the company. The diagnosis of the development needs is carried out during the individual or collective meetings, activities and application of tests. We act supporting and guiding during the trials and strategies of short, medium and long terms, preparing the professionals for the auto continuous development.



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