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Services: Strategic Marketing


Currently Marketing assumes crucial paper for guarantee the strategies and competitive advantages of the company. Grupo Segeti offers consultancy in Strategic Marketing, focused on the conquest, retention and faithfulness of clients and differentiation of products and service strategic.

Strategic Marketing Planning
Strategic Marketing Planning has as main objective identify lasting competitive advantages for the company taking into consideration the dynamic of the controllable and uncontrollable variables that affect the relations of change between the companies and its respective markets.

Diagnosis of the Marketing Processes – DPM and SWOT Analysis
We analyze all the marketing strategies of your company, scrutinizing from the relationship with the clients, the tools of marketing and communication, carrying out the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment and the opportunities and threatens of the external environment.

Marketing and Market Researches
What is the image of your company before your clients? Are your clients satisfied with your service or products? What are your clients’ profiles? Does the market that you intend to reach have potential for your business? Our methodology of research is differentiated, we do not focus on the standardization but on the personalization. The application is carried out by telephone or personally.

Some objectives of the Marketing Research
  • Knowing the expectations and the perception of the clients;
  • Knowing the clients’ profile;
  • Analyzing the image of the company before its public;
  • Recognizing opportunities and actions focused on the strengthening of image;
  • Evaluation of the weak and strong points of the products and service that are offered;
  • Knowing the tendencies and the service utilization;
  • Knowing the perception of the clients regarding to the competitors;
  • Evaluating the process of communication with the aim public;
  • Analyzing the relationship strategies that are utilized;
  • Identifying opportunities of new service and partnerships;
  • Identifying the best means of communication and strategies of Marketing, focusing on the retention, collection and faithfulness.

We seek the best practices that direct your company to the maximizing of the business performance.

Management of indicators
Identifying the important indicators for the success of your business is part of the marketing planning. Measuring the results of the actions allows the company to check the development of the planned actions, creating a favorable internal environment resulting on motivation of the team in order to continue seeking continuous improvements.
Grupo Segeti will assist your company in implanting the culture of the management of indicators, conquering the team commitment.

Structuring and development of commercial teams
Grupo Segeti offers advisory board in the structuring and development of your commercial team, from the recruitment and selection, to the development of the sales plan, including all the training and accompaniment of the results.

Communication channels strategies and promotion
Focusing on the best means of communication that reach its aim public, Group Segeti develops a plan of communication focused on the management of the relations with the external and internal clients and the strengthening of your mark.

Internal marketing
Actions that are essential in order to your collaborators please your clients. Grupo Segeti develops actions to your team feel as co-responsible for the success of the strategic actions of the company.



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