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Serviços: Outsourcing Professional Administration


With the increasing demand for high technical qualification outsourcing, “Grupo Segeti” has innovated, creating TAP – Outsourcing with Professional Administration.

Our goal is to facilitate the management between hires and professionals providing the following benefits:

         To professionals

          • Increasing the possibility of contracting;
          • Selling technical and qualified services with more accountancy and legal security.

          Tax planning
          • Diminution of the tax;
          • Regularization of the personal income in the individual income tax (DIRPF).

          • Let the professional focused on their main activity, without worrying about the administration of the company.

          To the hires

          • It minimizes the risks of Labor trials;
          • Major security in the commercial relation.

          Tax planning
          • Diminution of the costs with qualified labor hiring.

          • Security in the technical quality of the accountancy, fiscal and financial information about the hired company.



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